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Solomon HWV 67
Act I
1 Ouverture
Sceene I
Sceene II
Act II
Sceene I
Sceene II
Sceene III
2-1 Recitative: What Says The Other (Solomon Second Woman)
2-2 Air: Thy Sentence Great King (Second Woman)
2-3 Recitative: Withhold The Executing Hand! (First Woman)
2-4 Air: Can I See My Infant Gord (First Woman)
2-5 Accompagnato: Israel Attend To What Your King Shall Say (Solomon)
2-6 Duet: Thrice Blessd Be The King (First Woman Solomon)
2-7 Chorus: From The East Unto The West
2-8 Recitative: From Mom To Eve (Zadok)
2-9 Air: See The Tall Palm (Zadok)
2-10 Recitative: No More Shall Armed Bands (First Woman)
2-11 Air: Beneath The Vine (First Woman)
2-12 Chorus: Swell The Full Chorus
2-13 Symfony
2-14 Recitative: From Arabias Spicy Shores (Queen Of Sheba Solomon)
2-15 Air: Evry Sight These Eyes Behold (Queen Of Sheba)
2-16 Recitative: Sweep Sweep The String (Solomon)
2-17 Solo And Chorus: Music Spread Thy Voice Around (Solomon Chorus)
2-18 Solo And Chorus: Now A Diff rent Measure Try – Shake The Dome (Solomon Chorus)
2-19 Recitative: Then At Once From Rage Remove (Solomon)
2-20 Chorus: Draw The Tear From Hopeless Love
2-21 Recitative: Next The Torturd Soul Release (Solomon)
2-22 Solo And Chorus: Thus Rolling Surges Rise (Solomon Chorus)
2-23 Recitative: Thy Harmonys Divine (Queen Of Sheba)
2-24 Air: Pious King And Virtuous Queen (Levite)
2-25 Recitative: Thrice Happy King (Zadok)
2-26 Air: Golden Columns (Zadok)
2-27 Chorus: Praise The Lord
2-28 Recitative: Gold Now Is Common (Solomon)
2-29 Air: How Green Our Fertile Pastures Look (Solomon)
2-30 Recitative: May Peace In Salem Ever Dwell! (Queen Of Sheba)
2-31 Air: Will The Sun Forget To Streak (Queen Of Sheba)
2-32 Recitative: Adieu Fair Queen (Solomon)
2-33 Duet: Evry Joy That Wisdom Knows (Queen Of Sheba Solomon)
2-34 Chorus: The Name Of The Wicked