0824046600624THE JUDY GARLAND COLLECTION 1953-62
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1-1 Send My Baby Back To Me
1-2 Without A Memory
1-3 Go Home Joe
1-4 Heartbroken
1-5 Gotta Have Me Go With You
1-6 The Man That Got Away
1-7 Born In A Trunk Medley
1-8 Heres What Im Here For
1-9 Lose That Long Face
1-10 Someone at Last
1-11 Its A New World
1-12 This Is The Time Of The Evening/While Were Young
1-13 Medley (aka Judys Olio): You Made Me Love You For Me & My Gal The Boy Next Door The Trolley Song
1-14 A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
1-15 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
1-16 Happiness I Just A Thing Called Joe
2-1 Judy At The Palace: Shine On Harvest Moon Some Of These Days My Man I Dont Care
2-2 Carolina In The Morning
2-3 Danny Boy
2-4 After Youve Gone
2-5 Over The Rainbow
2-6 Come Rain Or Come Shine
2-7 Just Imagine
2-8 I Feel A Song Coming On
2-9 Last Night When We Were Young
2-10 Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
2-11 April Showers
2-12 Maybe Ill Come Back
2-13 Dirty Hands Dirty Face
2-14 Lucky Day
2-15 Memories Of You
2-16 Any Place I Hang My Hat Is My Home
2-17 By Myself
2-18 Little Girl Blue
2-19 Me And My Shadow
2-20 Among My Souvenirs
2-21 I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
3-1 I Get The Blues When It Rains
3-2 Mean To Me
3-3 How About Me
3-4 Just A Memory
3-5 Blue Prelude
3-6 Happy New Year
3-7 Its Lovely To Back In London
3-8 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
3-9 I Cant Give You Anything But Love
3-10 This Is It
3-11 More Than You Know
3-12 I Am Loved
3-13 I Hadnt Anyone Till You
3-14 I Concentrate On You
3-15 Im Confessin That I Love You
3-16 Do I Love You
3-17 Do It Again
3-18 Day In - Day Out
3-19 Garland Overture
3-20 When Youre Smiling
3-21 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
4-1 Purple People Eater
4-2 Medley: You Made Me Love You For Me And My Gal The Trolley Song
4-3 When The Sun Comes Out
4-4 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
4-5 Over The Rainbow
4-6 After Youve Gone
4-7 Pretty Girl (Milking A Cow)
4-8 Swanee
4-9 Beautiful Trouble
4-10 Love In The Village
4-11 Charleys Blues
4-12 The Worst Kind Of Man
4-13 Thats All There Is There Isnt Any More
4-14 Love In Central Park
4-15 The Red Balloon
4-16 The Fight
4-17 At The Stroke Of Midnight
4-18 Come Back
4-19 Thats Entertainment
4-20 Who Cares
5-1 Ive Confessed To The Breeze
5-2 If I Love Again
5-3 Yes
5-4 Puttin On The Ritz
5-5 Old Devil Moon
5-6 Down With Love
5-7 How Long Has This Been Going On
5-8 It Never Was You
5-9 Just You Just Me
5-10 Alone Together
5-11 Overture: The Trolley Song Over The Rainbow The Man Who Got Away
5-12 When Youre Smiling
5-13 Medley: Its