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0824046309824THE EARLY YEARS 1941-45
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CD1:1 Alreet
CD1:2 Georgia On My Mind
CD1:3 Fool Am I
CD1:4 Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina
CD1:5 Slow Down
CD1:6 Let Me Off Uptown
CD1:7 Green Eyes
CD1:8 Kick It
CD1:9 Amour
CD1:10 Stop! The Red Lights On
CD1:11 Watch The Birdie
CD1:12 The Walks Keep Talking
CD1:13 Two In Love
CD1:14 How Do
CD1:15 Coppin A Plea
CD1:16 Bolero At The Savoy
CD1:17 Skylark
CD1:18 Thanks For The Boogie Ride
CD1:19 Pass The Bounce
CD1:20 Harlem On Parade
CD1:21 Side By Side
CD1:22 Thats What You Think
CD1:23 Fightin Doug MacArthur
CD1:24 Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street
CD1:25 Deliver Me To Tennessee
CD2:1 Massachusetts
CD2:2 Murder He Says
CD2:3 Aint Misbehavin
CD2:4 Ride On
CD2:5 Build It Up Paint It Nice Tear It Down
CD2:6 I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City
CD2:7 You Betcha
CD2:8 Gotta Be Gettin
CD2:9 In A Little Spanish Town
CD2:10 Are You Livin Old Man
CD2:11 Singing The Blues
CD2:12 Special Delivery
CD2:13 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
CD2:14 Tabby The Cat
CD2:15 Im Going Mad For A Pad
CD2:16 I Want A Grown Up Man
CD2:17 Travelin Man
CD2:18 Them There Eyes
CD2:19 How Come
CD2:20 I Cant Believe That Youre In Love With Me
CD2:21 Opus 1
CD2:22 That Feeling In The Moonlight
CD2:23 Boogie Blues
CD2:24 Chickery Chick
CD2:25 In The Middle Of May
CD2:26 Tea For Two