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Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
A1 If Theres A Heaven Above
A2 A Private Future
A3 The Dog End Of A Day Gone By
A4 The Game
B1 Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
B2 Haunted When The Minutes Drag
B3 Saudade
C1 It Could Be Sunshine
C2 Kundalini Express
C3 All In My Mind
C4 Life In Laralay
D1 Yin And Yang (The Flower Pot Man)
D2 Love Me
D3 All In My Mind (Acoustic Version)
D4 An American Dream
Earth · Sun · Moon
E1 Mirror People
E2 The Light
E3 Welcome Tomorrow
E4 No New Tale To Tell
E5 Here On Earth
E6 Lazy
F1 Waiting For The Flood
F2 Rain Bird
F3 The Telephone Is Empty
F4 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
F5 Earth Sun Moon
F6 Youth
Love And Rockets
G1 **** (Jungle Law)
G2 No Big Deal
G3 The Purest Blue
G4 Motorcycle
G5 I Feel Speed
H1 Bound For Hell
H2 The Teardrop Collector
H3 So Alive
H4 Rock And Roll Babylon
H5 No Words No More
Hot Trip To Heaven
I1 Body And Soul (Part 1)
I2 Body And Soul (Part 2)
I3 Ugly
J1 Trip And Glide
J2 This Heaven
J3 No Worries
K1 Hot Trip To Heaven
K2 Eclipse
K3 Voodoo Baby
K4 Be The Revolution
K5 Set Me Free
L1 Firewater
L2 This Heaven (Experience Remix: Flying Vocal Mix)
L3 Coyote
Sweet FA
M1 Sweet FA
M2 Judgement Day
M3 Use Me
M4 Fever
M5 Sweet Lover Hangover
N1 Pearl
N2 Shelf Life
N3 Sad And Beautiful World
N4 Natacha
O1 Words Of A Fool
O2 Clean
O3 Here Come The Comedown
O4 Spiked
O5 Sweet FA (Reprise)
P1 My Dark Twin
P2 Venus Child
P3 Butterfly
P4 Pick Yourself Up