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Catalogue #: DON 007-1
Date: 10-22-2013
Genre: Dance (Hip Hop)
Label: Doner Music
1 CD

€ 12.10
  1 Big Fish - La Macchina del Tempo (feat. Rancore)  
  2 Big Fish - Lasciami Leccare L'Adrenalina (feat. Manuel Agnelli)  
  3 Negramaro - Una Storia Semplice (Big Fish Remix)  
  4 Big Fish - Io Faccio (feat. Morgan)  
  5 Big Fish - Cosa Hai Da Perdere Ormai (feat. Sick Tamburo)  
  6 Big Fish - Luce Sarą (feat. Arisa)  
  7 Big Fish - Tensione Evolutiva  
  8 Big Fish - Solo Col Mic (feat. Caparezza)  
  9 Big Fish - Insostituibile (feat. Andrea Nardinocchi)  
  10 Big Fish - Mayday (feat. J-Ax)  
  11 Big Fish - Non Si Torna Indietro (feat. Serpenti)  
  12 Big Fish - Ballare (feat. Nesli)  
  13 Levante - Alfonso (Big Fish Remix)  
  14 Big Fish - Nuovomondo (feat. Caneda)  
  By the time these lines are written , everyone talking about Italian rap . Again. All back to say that it is the kind of the future but also the present, the only one on the launching pad , the one that if you do have success (or a good chance to get it). Many artists and fans, have to do for the first time with this situation. Big Fish , no. It could very well tell you when these same things happened ten, fifteen years ago , one, two , three, a hundred times and then vanish into thin air, as if nothing had happened. He, who in the rap scene and the Italian hip hop was virtually from day one , or so .
Fish would tell you what not , because it is too humble a person and so , a person who prefers not to give lessons to anyone ( big thing , which is rare , especially for someone who could afford it all right) , is that too often things are gone wrong , after the wave of popularity, because they lost sight of or had never taken into account just two seemingly opposing attitudes to one another, professionalism , love for music. Here you are. Facing " Nothing Personal " for the first time one might think it is, as I say, a collection of figurines, a way to pick up collaborations with famous names, taken to come from different fields to try to pick up audience a little ' over here , a little ' beyond ; might think , yes, but on two conditions : Fish do not know , have not heard a note of the disk. Fish is not required to know him. It is not required to know its honesty, its tranquility, its not elbowing ever , his being away from any form of egomania . But the record is required to listen to ( if you talk to a disc, the very minimum you must have heard everything, at least once - no?) . And listening to it, you discover a beautiful work that ennobles the word " pop" . A word that turn to rap or electronics - as is the case here - too often combined damage , ran qualitative downward , squalid attempts to pass immediately to the collection . But Big Fish does things too well and too technical quality ( professionalism , remember) , as well as creating and trying alchemy is real and not raccogliticcia with various collaborators track by track (and this is love for music , and it is deep ) . The result is fourteen tracks that often lead out of their " comfort zone " artists ( Afterhours, Arisa , Sick Drum ... ) , reinvent their relationship with the rap ( Jovanotti, Caparezza, J- Ax immersed in trap , dubstep and drum'n'bass ) , and if it is 100% hip hop names are taken on specific routes and not at all discounted ( Grudge , Caneda) . Beyond a list track by track , which you could easily do always finding interesting ideas , what matters is that the end result is an album that sounds ipercontemporaneo but not opportunist , who speaks the alphabet sound of today , it is careful to take with them as they were worth yesterday and tomorrow will be worth (whether arrangements, rhythmic or harmonic construction , texts undiscounted ) . It does not happen often . Just about nothing. We say this without having " nothing personal " against those who ride the hype wave , as long as the hype , we say this only and only with deep respect for Big Fish
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