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Catalogue #: BL4316273
Date: 10-26-2018
Genre: Pop (Indie)
Label: Believe
1 CD

€ 14.90
  1 C' qui qualcosa  
  2 Marciapiedi  
  3 Sopravvissuti  
  4 Bello Mondo (Ti ho vista ieri)  
  5 Amanti di passaggio  
  6 Acciaio  
  7 Preziosa  
  8 Il Cigno  
  9 C' qui qualcosa che ti riguarda  
  10 Nordestereofonico  
  11 L'altra parte dellaltra  
  12 Pesci muti  
  13 La luna  
  14 Il resto di tutto  
  a 100% independent project, self-produced and financed also by a crowdfunding operation that gave excellent results in the first two weeks, exceeding almost the double the number established at the start. 11 years have passed from "Funambola" and seven from "Il canto dell'Anguana" (awarded with the Targa Tenco), a period in which the artistic activity of Patrizia, refined singer-songwriter, voice at the same time delicate and powerful, it is made even more intense and multiform. The travels for Italy and the world, the many musical, theatrical, cinematographic, literary and performative artistic experiences have sedimented experiences, impressions and snapshots. "Here is something about you" marks the inspired return of the artist as songwriter and performer to the world of the song and is the logbook of this long navigation, the story of a sailor returned from a long journey. The compositional material, almost entirely written by Patrizia in fact, collects various suggestions and experiences, while maintaining that strong identity and personality that have always characterized Laquidara's work. A layered, multiform and generous disk, full of sounds, whose artistic production has been entrusted by Laquidara to the composer, pianist and arranger Alfonso Santimone, who defines the album: "A job that wants to lend itself to a patient and lasting listening over time, in sharp opposition to a music that wants to be consumed quickly. An album that intends to move in the context of a pop singer-songwriter, where the core made of acoustic instruments, guitars, basses, drums, woods, strings, metals, brass, strings, choirs, bring back to the great history and tradition of Italian song. But where the solutions of writing and arrangement that they bring into the air - with light puffs of electronics that sometimes get infuriated in dance and others that melt into pure sound - have their ears strained to contemporary sounds ". Tony Canto and Joe Barbieri, authors respectively of "Lovers of passage" and "The rest of everything, are the other two names that embellish this project. In the 12 tracks of the album there is the whole world of Patrizia, her travels, her approach to life, to love, to her land and, above all to herself. More than anything else "There is something about you here" is a tribute to the feminine, to beauty, to strength and fragility. It speaks of those who fall and rise again, those who lose themselves in a wrong relationship and then find each other, talk about women busy in household chores, but also about a big multiform mother, little everyday facts like shopping to touch wider issues: a territory, feminicide, a new world that advances. Patrizia draws on her personal story by creating a universal story about each of us. In the album there are also two important current issues, treated with the grace that distinguishes the compositional style of Laquidara: violence against women in "The swan (the great Woman) and immigration, a topic declined in" There is here something that concerns you "as an opportunity for a better world. A work, finally, that proposes a sound opposite to a glossy idea of ​​sound, where imaginaries from different cultural and geographical contexts cross each other and this is also why Patrizia chose the path of independence, convinced that the most precious asset that the artist can offer to his audience are his imagination and his authenticity, to be shown unconditionally and original. Fundamental therefore in all this was the contribution of crowdfunding which in this perspective represented a particularly appropriate strategy. Thanks to this operation, Patrizia's fan base, made up of her loyal listeners from the beginning, becomes an active part contributing to the realization of a project, becoming a partner, an attentive listener, as well as an investor.
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